Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quilled Small Vase

Quilled Small Vase

Creating free standing quilling projects takes more time than anyone can imagine.  The biggest secret to construction of the free standing project is to let the glue completely dry before adding another shape.  So they are constructed one tiny shape at a time.  This one is one of the first vases I have tried.  It is only 1 ½” wide and about the same tall.  The vase is sealed with polyurethane which makes it very durable. So they are not hard to make, just totally time consuming.  The colors on this small vase are the heavier quilling strips and those of you who quill know what I’m talking about.  Around the bottom of the small vase there is a crimped strip to connect the bottom to the sides.

Quilling paper strips comes in different weights.  Darker colors are heavier, guess the dye adds weight?  Don’t know why, but it does make darker colors heavier.  And some companies make the quilling strips out of heavier weight paper anyway.  Cut the strips oneself?  It is really time consuming and hard to cut consistence width strips time and time again.

Come on let it rain, outside it looks so promising but nary a drop.  Got to take that back, there were several drops of rain yesterday and the day before, but on had to outside before they knew about the drops.  Not enough to even dampen the sideway. The only way one would know about the drops of rain is to be doing something outside, like watering the lawn, pulling weeds (ugh), walking, playing or whatever one does outside.

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